Privacy Policy

Capitol Steel Corp. is committed to protect the privacy of our employees, customers and other individuals who meet the statutory requirements under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

Collection and Use of Personal Information

The privacy of our employees, both current and former, is very important to us.

The only personal information collected upon hiring is:
Date of Birth
Phone numbers
This is collected from your resume and/or the TD1 forms. This is also collected from the group insurance application form
If any other personal information is requested you will be advised as to why it is being collected at that time.
This information is retained for as long as required by law.
Your consent is implied upon employment for the following use.
To prepare and calculate payroll cheques.
To prepare and distribute T4, Record of Employments, WCB reports, etc as required by law.
To register and administer the group insurance if applicable
To have your name and / or photo to be posted on our company website or marketing materials
Written consent is required for the following
To submit employment confirmation which require personal information to be released, such as rate of pay, address, etc. to 3rd parties (e.g. Bank loans, accountants, letter of reference)
Capitol Steel Corp. will only disclose personal information on a confidential basis to 3 rd parties as follows without prior written consent:
If the disclosure is required or permitted by law
For fraud prevention or to protect and enforce the legal rights of Capitol Steel Corp.
Customers & Suppliers:
The privacy of our customers and suppliers, both current and former, is very important to us. We only collect business contract information and use this information only to fulfill our obligation to the customer and supplier to collect or issue payment for those obligations.

How is this information secured and who has access?
Password encrypted accounting & payroll program. The personal information stored in the accounting & payroll program is only accessible to the Payroll Administrator, the Office Manager and the Privacy Officer.

Locked cabinet. This cabinet is only accessible by the Payroll Administrator, the Office Manager and the Privacy Officer.

Job Superintendents, Foreman, Project Managers will be provided a contact list of current and former employees (name & phone numbers only) so they may contact employees to perform the project. They will also be provided with a contact list of Customers and Suppliers for each project. This information will be stored in a secure place at the jobsite.

Who is the Privacy Officer?

Capitol Steel Corp. has currently named Donald Lepp, as their Privacy Officer
For more information regarding the PIPEDA you may visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at the website or by phone 1-800-282-1376
You may view our privacy policy at
If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or inquiries regarding our privacy policies, or in regards to your personal information please contact the Privacy Officer named above in confidence by phone or writing to:

Capitol Steel Corp
1355 Saskatchewan Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3E 3K4