Industrial Maintenance Technician

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Winnipeg
Job ID: Maintenance Technician

• Perform maintenance repairs and preventative maintenance on all company tools, equipment and rolling stock. Equipment includes but is not limited to overhead cranes, welding machines, welding equipment, CNC processing equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, etc.
• Perform maintenance repairs and preventative maintenance within facility, yard and offices
• Troubleshoot rapidly, make plans, involve necessary stakeholders and execute the work with the least amount of disruption to the shop operations.
• Perform work to assist in meeting production targets
• Communicate with supervisors in a timely fashion
• Take a continuous improvement approach to the work being performed
• Ensure the Health and Safety approach to repairs to ensure employees are safe
• At least 3-5 years on the job experience with electrical and/or mechanical repairs of fabrication machinery, overhead cranes, and computerized machinery
• Strong ability to troubleshoot a wide range of equipment
• High school education with years of experience combined will be considered
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with others and independently
• Ability to read schematics and blueprints and/or technical manuals would be an asset
• Technical knowledge of structural steel fabrication equipment would be an asset
• Ability to foster a cooperative work environment
• Ability to work flexible hours where required to ensure minimal production down time
• Ability to work shift work and possess your own tools

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