Sioux Narrows Bridge

Sioux Narrows, ON

To preserve the character of this historic bridge and tourist attraction; a new bridge was designed with an ornamental steel truss that would be clad in wood trim. The new bridge was constructed with fracture critical steel girders up to 12 feet deep and 120 feet long. The trusses were 210 feet long, 30 feet deep and 40 feet wide. All timber cladding was precut, predrilled and treated. The accuracy of the measurements and attachment points to ensure proper interface between steel and wood was critical.

Capitol Steel was presented with the CISC 2009 AWARD FOR PROJECTS CONVERTED INTO STEEL.

The Sioux Narrows Bridge was the longest single-span wooden truss bridge in North America. Built in the mid-1930s and spanning 420 feet across the « Narrows », the Douglas fir and pine bridge had deteriorated to the point where it had to be replaced.