Chukuni River Bridge Replacement

Red Lake, ON (near)

A key feature of the Chukuni River Bridge design was the use of a single span structure which resulted in the elimination of pier construction in the water. The clear span for this bridge is 280 feet. This approach minimized environmental and approval impacts and also reduced the construction cost and schedule.

Girders measuring 135 feet long by 11 feet deep were fabricated and shipped by truck individually to a laydown area near the jobsite where they were preassembled into pairs. This and the phased demolition of the existing bridge allowed girder pairs to be erected full length, in two phases, using the existing bridge for access in Phase 1 and the new bridge in Phase 2. This eliminated the requirement for any access into the river, or the need for temporary girder supports. The use of a completely prefabricated superstructure allowed for an accelerated construction of the bridge.

Capitol Steel was presented with the CISC 2011 ENGINEERING AWARD OF MERIT for this project.